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Page Ref Title Author Pub Years Pub Place
207.22 Bard of the Sea Kings Hervey (Mrs.T.K) 1833
267.17 Child of the Sea Lewis (Sarah A) 1848 New York
275.09 Lays of the Sea Lynch (Mrs H) 1846
275.10 Lays of the Sea. 2d Ed Lynch (Mrs H) 1850
349.06 Personne - Lays of the Sea
417.15 Poems for the Sea Sigourney (L. H) 1850 Hartford
275.02 Sea Spirit Luchington (Lady S) 1850
183.07 Sea Weeds and Heath Flowers Green (Eliza Craven) 1858 Douglas
431.05 Spice Islands in the Sea of Reading 1859 Bradford
453.06 Thoughts for the Sea
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