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Page Ref Title Author Pub Years Pub Place
98.01 Lines on Sir J. Moore Cockle (Mrs) 1810
323.06 Memoir by Sir E Bridges Newcastle (Duchess) 1814
560.06 Monody on Sir J. Reynolds Robinson (Mary)
117.04 On Sir Samuel Romilly Croker (M. S) 1818
563.04 Plume for Sir S. Romilly Stockdale (Miss) 1818
434.17 Shroud for Sir. S. Romilly Stockdale (M.R) 1818
563.05 Shroud of Sir S. Romilly Stockdale (Miss) 1818
313.09 Sir Eldred More (Hannah) 1776
313.10 Sir Eldred. 2d Ed More (Hannah) 1778
287.11 Sir Harry Gaylove Marshall (Jane) 1772 Edinburgh
159.06 Sir Howell Fenton (M) 1863 Birmingham
431.14 Sir P. Sidney's Arcadia Stanley (Mrs) 1725
35.04 Sir Patient Fancy Behn (Aphra) 1678
489.21 Sir R. Peel, Verses on Wilson (Harriet)
451.16 Sir Redmond Thomas (Mrs Edward) 1839
315.17 Sir W. Drummond's Works, Verses in Morpeth (M)
165.12 Sir Wde Waverly of Bridal Eve Francis (E. S) 1815
522.11 Tribute to Sir J Moore Cockle (Mrs) 1809
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