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Page Ref Title Author Pub Years Pub Place
429.14 Flowers in the Wilderness Southwell (Mary)
68.03 Johns' Monthly Wild Flowers, in C (E. H)
103.07 Lays of a Wild Harp Cook (Eliza) 1835
240.07 Monthly Wild Flowers Johns (C.A)
131.13 Posy of Stray Wildlings Dickson (E. D)
526.11 Posy of Stray Wildlings. 1st Ed Dickson (E. D)
131.14 Posy of Stray Wildlings. 2nd Ed Dickson (E. D) 1853 Edinburgh
217.19 Songs for the Wilderness Howell (C.A)
68.02 Songs in the Wilderness C (A. P)
72.23 Songs in the Wilderness Carter (Agnes P)
426.15 Songs in the Wilderness by a Blind Lady 1866
20.01 Way of the Wilderness Baillie (E. C. C) 1862
18.04 Way of the Wilderness. [Late Letter] B (E. C. C) 1862
165.01 Wild Blossoms Fox (E) 1855 Warminister
561.16 Wild Flowers Spurgeon (E. G)
134.11 Wild Flowers Dowling (Penelope) 1862
371.13 Wild Flowers Pyer (C.S) 1844
461.04 Wild Flowers Tribe (Alice) 1861
17.04 Wild Flowers Ayre (Eliza G) 1842
430.12 Wild Flowers Spurgeon (E.G) 1842
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