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There are 746 pages in Stainforth’s library catalog manuscript. Pages 1-509 list the titles Stainforth owned; pages 510-742 comprise his “Wants” list, or wish list of titles to acquire. The “Wants” section is further divided into 4 parts: British Writers (pp. 510-581), American Writers (pp. 582-635), Plays Wanted (pp. 636-89), and Annuals Wanted (pp. 690-92). In each section, entries are usually listed alpha-by-author. For help understanding symbols or abbreviations in the transcription, see our editorial principles. For general information about Stainforth’s catalog, see the About pages. Click here to download the TEI, which is the only way to view and search every word in the catalog as well as person records. 

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Manuscript with Page Spread

*Note that the Wants section (page n505 onward) has been photographed right-side-up (not inverted, as it was written) for ease of reading and reference.