Mary Roberts (1788-1864), Poet Naturalist

I discovered Mary Roberts while designing the website assessment test form for the Stainforth project website. I wanted to find an author whose first and last names were common to test our database search functionality, and I wanted to use an author who I was not yet familiar with. I was drawn to the title … Continue reading Mary Roberts (1788-1864), Poet Naturalist

Baths of Bagnole; or the juvenile miscellany

“K1 Baths of Bagnole (The) 1826” (28.06) – I don’t recall what drew me to this entry, but I wound up researching it for long enough to figure out that it’s difficult to find. I wonder why the “Baths of Bagnole” would be the title or subject for a juvenile miscellany? Stainforth lists this title … Continue reading Baths of Bagnole; or the juvenile miscellany

Introducing the Stainforth Recovery Vignettes

This term Allyson Long, Dartmouth class of 2017 and a Neukom Scholar, completed gathering and editing publication place data for those entries in Stainforth’s catalog to which he added publication place names. There are about 1500 publication places that we were able to identify from the catalog data. (Stay tuned for updates on our results!) While … Continue reading Introducing the Stainforth Recovery Vignettes

Elizabeth Culman (1818-1833)

While researching the more exotic publication places we mapped from Stainforth’s library catalog, we discovered that he collected a book by Elizabeth Culman (1816-1833) published in St. Petersburg, Russia.  The “Wants” portion of the catalog indicates that he wanted to collect Culman’s Works published in 1834, the year after her death. He did not cross off the title … Continue reading Elizabeth Culman (1818-1833)

Mrs. Iliff, Poems, 2nd ed., Malta, 1818

According to our publication place data, Mrs. Iliff published Poems, Upon Several Subjects, 2nd ed., in Malta in 1818. We were very intrigued and wanted to learn more about this title and author since it’s the only one in the catalog (we know of at this time) published in Malta. We had no trouble finding … Continue reading Mrs. Iliff, Poems, 2nd ed., Malta, 1818

Agnes F. Satchell

By Allyson Long (Dartmouth ’17) Agnes F. Satchell is the author of Miscellaneous Poems, privately printed in Antigua, Caribbean Islands, in 1844, and Reminiscences of Missionary Life in the Caribbean Islands, published in Loughborough, England in 1858. Sadly, neither of these works exist in eBook form, and Satchell is not listed in Orlando, ODNB, or … Continue reading Agnes F. Satchell

Sophia Hovenden, Jerusalem

By Allyson Long (Dartmouth ’17) One work found in Stainforth’s collection that is of particular interest to us is Sophia Hovenden’s The Hand Unseen, etc. [In verse.] published in Jerusalem in 1846. According to its Worldcat record, The Hand Unseen was published in both English and Hebrew in Jerusalem in this year, and a microform copy of the English version exists … Continue reading Sophia Hovenden, Jerusalem