Podcast Introduction to the Stainforth Project, “Collected, Catalogued, Counted”

Are you having the kind of day where instead of reading articles or books you would rather listen to three scholars on a podcast laugh and share data conundrums they have in common, all while recovering women’s book history? Or have you been longing for a conversational introduction to the Stainforth Library of Women’s Writing project?

Join me (Kirstyn Leuner, from the Stainforth project), and hosts Kate Moffatt and Kandice Sharren from the Women’s Print History Project, in episode 2 of the second season of The WPHP Monthly Mercury, “Collected, Catalogued, Counted.” We chat about all things Stainforth, databases, and cataloguing, including the kinds of bibliographical and biographical data our team has been working with and collecting, the project decisions that have had to be made along the way, the hidden and not-so-hidden gems the Stainforth catalogue contains, and the many commonalities our projects share in their efforts to recover women writers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

I want to emphasize how wonderful, fun, and enlightening it was to speak with Kate and Kandice on this episode, both of whom really know their stuff. The WPHP fills an important gap in DH projects and resources that assist in recovering women in book history. I have worked with Kandice closely on multiple digital and writing projects, one of which you can find in the recent issue of HLQ, volume 84, no. 1 (Spring 2021). Find this issue on Project Muse muse.jhu.edu/article/798283. Along with E. J. Clery, Kandice and I published individually authored essays and a co-written response in our section of this issue. Read more about this here.

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