DH “Book Talk” on the Stainforth Library of Women’s Writing with ARC

For International Women’s Day 2023 #IWD2023: Just released, the Stainforth Library of Women’s Writing‘s “DH book talk” with ARC (Advanced Research Consortium), 18thConnect, and NINES editors featuring Kirstyn Leuner, Deborah Hollis, Chad Marks, and Susan Guinn-Chipman of the Stainforth project; and Emily Friedman, Laura Mandell, Lauren Liebe, and Elizabeth Brissey of ARC.


This conversation was an absolute delight for me personally, having so many collaborators and inspiring scholars in the “room” at the same time talking about a project that our team has been collaborating to build and peer-review for a decade. We are so proud that our project passed peer review with ARC (and with the MLA Committee on Scholarly Editions) and that our data is searchable within 18thConnect and shared with other nodes in ARC.

Find Stainforth data in 18thConnect by clicking on Advanced Search, and then selecting the project title in the right-hand menu:


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