MLA 2014 Exhibit

Welcome to the TOC for our MLA 2014 Exhibit, “Learning from The Stainforth Library of Women Writers,” in session #528 “Digital Humanities from the Ground Up,” Jan. 11, 2014.

“This is the technical equivalent of quilting–that we’re bringing together our research interests and ultimately pushing undergraduate teaching forward.” -Deborah Hollis, UCB Special Collections


1. Introduction: Learning from The Stainforth Library of Women Writers at MLA 2014

2. Manuscript Transcription for Cobbold’s Entries

3. Compare Cobbold’s Entries in the Manuscript Catalog to her titles in the Auctioneers’ catalog: What Do We Learn?

4. TEI Encoding of Cobbold’s Poem “Ode to the Victory of Waterloo,” an annotated file to help new encoders on this project. (Email me and I would be happy to share our current working TEI encoding model.)

5. Visualizing Stainforth’s Library Bookshelves

6. Conclusion: Putting Cobbold in dialogue with male canonical Romantic-era poets

7. Examples: Using the Stainforth Library as a pedagogical tool

8. Conversations: Team Stainforth members ask one another about their individual fields of interest and expertise as they relate to the Stainforth Library.
– Interview with Deborah Hollis (Special Collections)
– Interview with Kirstyn Leuner (Dept. of English)
– Interview with Holley Long (Libraries IT)

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