Digging up Digital Identities for Women Writers

garden-1176406_640By Cayla Eagon

One of the primary goals of The Stainforth Library of Women’s Writing project is to recover women writers who have been neglected, undervalued, or lost from literary studies. We recognize that these voices are important for a better understanding of the historical moments they inhabited, the literary culture they participated in, and the tradition of women’s writing they helped cultivate. As part of our effort to draw attention to these women, we are making a list of authors from the catalog who have been so neglected they have little to no Internet presence. Below, we have two lists in process: one for authors who don’t have a Wikipedia entry and one for authors whose Wikipedia page needs revision.

Our team members plan to research these authors one at a time to create and edit Wikipedia entries that will help recover their history. We hope our students and colleagues will join us in this massive undertaking, and together we can recover these lost voices, works, and histories in order to make them accessible for everyone.

Because the the number of neglected authors is so numerous, we may end up segregating them into multiple blog posts based on the first letter of their last names to make each post easier to navigate. Moreover, as these lists are works in progress, we will be adding to them in the comments section below.

Authors from the Stainforth catalog who don’t have a Wikipedia entry:

  • Agnew, Emily C.
  • Ainslie, A. M.
  • Aird, Marion Paul
  • Allen, Cath
  • Allin, Abby
  • Allen, Charlotte
  • Allen, Elizabeth
  • Allen, E
  • Allen, Eleanor (Mrs. Martin Gay)
  • Allen, Sarah S.
  • Allingham, H. M. (Helen Maria)
  • Allnut, Alfred, Mrs.
  • Allom, E. A.
  • Anderson, Anna A.
  • Andrew, Mrs.
  • Andrews, Hannah
  • Annan, A. F. M. (Anne Mary Ferre Buchanan)
  • Archer, Frances
  • Arey, H. E. G. (Harriett Ellen Grannis)
  • Arnold, M. E.
  • Arthington, Maria
  • Ashby, Elizabeth C.
  • Ashton, Isabel
  • Atkinson, Jane
  • Hobbs, Ann

Authors from the Stainforth catalog who have a Wikipedia entry, but one that needs revision:

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