Welcome To Team Stainforth, Dr. Kate Ozment!

Big news, folks: Team Stainforth is over the moon to welcome Kate Ozment (Cal Poly Pomona) as a new General Editor of The Stainforth Library of Women’s Writing. Kate brings her DH experience co-editing the Women in Book History Bibliography (with Cait Coker) and expertise in Early Modern English literature with emphases on gender studies, book history, and digital humanities. Her knowledge of the Early Modern side of literary and book history complements my focus in 18th-century and Romantic-era textual history and Deborah Hollis’s broad expertise in Special Collections, Archives, and Preservation at CU-Boulder. For bonuses, Kate shares my excitement for letterpress and book arts, and she’s also strong in the dark arts of social media, where I am clearly still a Padawan apprentice.

To celebrate Kate’s arrival on our editorial team, I share a link to one of the most recently located original Stainforth books: The Prisoner; Or, Nature’s Complaint to Justice. A Poem. By a Lady in Confinement, Etc. (1758). It’s accessible as a Google Book, and I had the chance to meet it in person at the British Library this summer. This might seem like a weird gift, but I bet Kate and Debbie will get it. The author of this poem was incarcerated just for being poor, and she was courageous enough to write about injustice, publish, and identify as “A Lady in Confinement.” With Kate’s added help, our team will shepherd the Stainforth DH project through peer review in the next year (fingers-crossed) and find, share, and learn more about works and writers like this Lady that are somewhere among the thousands in Stainforth’s catalog.

Stainforth Library of Women Writers

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