The Digital Humanities for Lunch, with the Stainforth Team – 11/16, noon, M210 Norlin Library, CU-Boulder

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Please join us! The Stainforth Library of Women’s Writing project team will be holding a brown-bag lunch on Monday, November 16th, at noon, in Norlin M210. We are a digital humanities group building an electronic edition of Francis Stainforth’s 19th-century private library–the largest private library of women’s writing in the 19th century. This is a great time to chat and ask questions about the digital humanities in general as well specifics about how this very large-scale textual digitization project is progressing. We will also discuss our progress thanks to the Innovative Seed Grant funding that we won for 2015-16.

The Stainforth project is based in CU Boulder libraries, and the team is spread between CU Boulder and Dartmouth College. Participants will include: 

  •  Director, Kirstyn Leuner. She earned her PhD from CU Boulder’s English dept in 2014, and she is now working on the project full-time as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Dartmouth College’s Neukom Institute for Computational Science.
  • Co-editor, Deborah Hollis. She is Associate Professor, Interim Associate Director, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, CU Boulder (CUB)
  • Biographical researcher, Susan Guinn-Chipman. Research and Teaching Associate, Special Collections, Norlin Library. Susan uncovered interesting facts about Stainforth’s life while research in London this summer.
  • Mapping project lead, Michael Harris. Lecturer, Special Collections, Norlin Library.

We hope you can join us! If you are unable to make the event but would like to schedule another time to chat about DH or about this project in particular, please email Kirstyn: Have a great day —

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